Let’s Keep Politicians Out of the Exam Room

Political agendas are getting in the way of the one-to-one relationship between a woman and her physician. Texas legislators have proposed policy that brings a third party into the exam room, negatively impacting our critical relationship. Because honest, open communication is the foundation of our practices, we are speaking out and encouraging our patients to speak out, too.

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I’m an Ob/Gyn. I’m pregnant. I am nauseous.

I am now experiencing exactly what I have been telling my patients is normal for years. It’s karma. I am also thinking of this as a kind of blessing because I’m thinking about the advice I’ve been giving in a whole new way. The biggest insight I’ve had is there are so many simple lifestyle changes that help. I have been lucky and have not required much medication to make this tolerable and found that the following things really improved my ability to get through the day without being completely miserable. Read more »

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  • Dose of the #txlege: It's the 134th day of the 2015 Legislative Session: LAST DAY for TX House to consider Senate bills & joint resolutions.

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Keep Politicians out of the exam room

The relationship between you and your OBG is threatened.
Help protect Texas women:

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