Let’s Keep Politicians Out of the Exam Room

Political agendas are getting in the way of the one-to-one relationship between a woman and her physician. Texas legislators have proposed policy that brings a third party into the exam room, negatively impacting our critical relationship. Because honest, open communication is the foundation of our practices, we are speaking out and encouraging our patients to speak out, too.


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Zika Virus – What You Should Know

Dr. Carrie KaufmanFebruary 1, 2016Articles

I’m sure most of you have seen reports of Zika Virus in the news.

Here’s what we know so far: this virus is spread by mosquitos and causes symptoms ranging from fever, rash, and joint pain to red, irritated eyes. There is no vaccination against this virus at the moment, and no treatment aside from supportive care. In areas with a high number of Zika Virus infections, there has been an increase in babies born with small heads (microcephaly) as well as an increase in miscarriage. In many of these affected women, the Zika Virus has been detected. Read more »

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Keep Politicians out of the exam room

The relationship between you and your OBG is threatened.
Help protect Texas women:

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