Interactive: Weighing Medicaid Expansion

Texas TribuneJanuary 10, 2013Articles

Whether to expand Medicaid is the major health care question facing Texas legislators this session. Although Gov. Rick Perry has compared adding impoverished adults to the rolls of the state program to adding more people to the Titanic, Democrats and even some fiscal conservatives argue that expanding the program under the federal Affordable Care Act is a wise budgetary decision. The threat of the governor’s veto will make it difficult for advocates of expansion, but Democrats, some local government officials and some health care lobbyists are optimistic that lawmakers can find a route to expand Medicaid that circumvents the governor’s veto power.

This interactive breaks down the numbers behind some of the arguments for and against the Medicaid expansion. As they contemplate their decision, lawmakers will weigh factors including enrollment growth, costs and savings, and the effects on the rate of insured. Read the Rest of the Story »

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