A Message for Our Doctors: Share this with Yours

April 2, 2013Uncategorized

* Please take this message and share it with your OBG and the women in your life so they may share it with their OBGs; encourage them to sign our petition and voice their support for Me and My OBG and its effort to protect the doctor/patient relationship.

Please take action today to protect the relationship you have with your patients. Legislation is currently being proposed by some state lawmakers that directly impacts an OBG’s ability to practice medicine and the health care that women receive.

To help ensure that politics stay out of the exam room, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists created the Me and My OBG campaign. The campaign serves as an information resource to positively affect the outcome of the current Texas Legislative session.

In 1995, a similar grassroots coalition helped to pass Senate Bill 54, which requires HMOs to allow women to select their own OBG and primary care physician. We are optimistic that Me and My OBG will also be equally successful in advancing those issues of major concern to women and women’s health. However, it needs your support!

Please join our campaign by voicing your opinion to your state legislators – sign our petition, share our campaign, and stay informed about how politicians are attempting to dictate the medical care you provide. Protect and respect the relationship you have with your patients – they deserve the best care you can provide them, based on medical expertise – not political agendas.

Keep Politicians out of the exam room

The relationship between you and your OBG is threatened.
Help protect Texas women:

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