New App Explores Impact of Family Planning Cuts in Your Community

April 9, 2013Uncategorized

The Texas Policy Evaluation Project recently released a web-based application (app) that provides hard data to illustrate the effects state budget cuts have on family-planning services.

Information offered through the new app includes:
• teen fertility rates,
• number of sexually transmitted disease cases,
• the number of women seeking family planning services and how many women were actually served, and
• the number of clinics that received family planning funds from the state.

Perhaps most telling is the increased number of unintended pregnancies in Texas in 2012, compared to the number in 2010, when more family planning services were accessible.

During the 2011 Texas Legislative Session, 2012-2013 funding for family planning was cut by two-thirds, from over $100 million to less that $40 million. These dramatic cuts forced the closure of 56 clinics that provided family-planning services. Many other clinics had to reduce their hours of operation and/or begin charging for services that were once free—making some of the most effective methods of contraception inaccessible for many women. An estimated 147,000 Texas women lost access to family planning services as a result of these budget cuts.

To explore the impact of family-planning funding cuts in your community, visit:

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