The Report is IN! Bexar Teen Births Decrease Again

Healthy Futures of TexasDecember 12, 2013Articles

The teen birth rate in Bexar County has dropped by a whopping 15% in the last 2 years. On December 10, teens from Metro Health’s Project WORTH unveiled the 2012 Teen Pregnancy Report, showing San Antonio’s tremendous progress in teen pregnancy prevention, achieving an important SA2020 goal in only two years. Still, we have a long way to go: our teen birth rate is still 46% higher than the national rate among females ages 15 to 19.

Adolescent pregnancy and childbearing are complex problems that are closely linked to many critical issues, including educational failure, risky behavior, poor health, poverty, and single parenthood. These risks affect not only teen mothers and their children, but also the fathers, the families, and the entire community. In fact, tax costs of Bexar County teen childbearing amounted to $59.6 million dollars in 2012.

At Tuesday’s press conference, Health Director Dr. Thomas Schlenker also announced Metro Health’s expanded Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative. The initiative includes case management of pregnant and parenting teens; long-acting contraceptives for teen mothers; promotion of teen friendly clinics; and more evidence-based sexual health education. Healthy Futures of Texas is proud to lead the effort to reach all 23 middle schools in both San Antonio and Edgewood Independent School Districts with effective programs.

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