A letter on Women Rule

PoliticoFebruary 26, 2014Articles

We are thrilled to invite you to continue an amazing conversation about the impact women are having on politics, policy, the economy — and each other.

Women RuleToday, POLITICO, along with partners Google and the Tory Burch Foundation, proudly announces our second year of Women Rule, a series that will investigate how women are leveraging their power to lead change.

We like to think that Women Rule provides new ways to see, hear and read about the realities of leveling the playing field while also offering concrete solutions for growth.

We are experiencing an incredible moment in history, as women rise up the ranks in unprecedented numbers across the public and private sectors. Yet, we know there is much more to be done — more creative solutions to be found and more women to involve.

To this end, we hope to demonstrate over the course of this year how women can own their power and take advantage of this momentum, and to introduce you to amazing women through the strength of our journalism, through print, video and live events.

Feedback from last year’s series was resoundingly positive, so we will be expanding our reach in 2014 by bringing the series to other cities. Our first event will be in Washington next month, and focus on women involved in campaigns, politics and the representation of powerful women across popular media. It will be followed by events in New York and San Francisco, each with a specific focus on harnessing power and empowering others. At the end of the year, we will be back in Washington with an exciting summit highlighting great doers and thinkers that embody the spirit of Women Rule.

This series represents POLITICO’s editorial commitment to exploring the role of women in an ever-changing dynamic across public and private sectors. We hope you will join us on this worthwhile journey.

Kim Kingsley, COO, POLITICO

Lois Romano, Editor, POLITICO Events

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