Texas House Speaker Joe Straus Releases Interim Charges

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Speaker Straus has issued interim charges to every standing committee of the Texas House of Representatives. The assigned charges highlight issues that the House will study in preparation for the next legislative session that begins in January 2015. The committee charges are based upon requests and suggestion made by House Members as well as legislative priorities of Speaker Straus.

Texas HouseBelow are a few charges assigned to House Appropriations, House Public Health, and House Insurance, all committees that have jurisdiction over agencies and issue-areas of importance to women’s health.

House Appropriations

  • Monitor the performance of state agencies and institutions—including budgets, implementation of legislation, caseload projections, and performance measure attainment.
  • Monitor the implementation of cost-containment initiatives in health and human services programs directed by Health and Human Services Commission

House Insurance

  • Monitor the effects of the Affordable Care Act on the availability and affordability of private health insurance coverage in Texas and on the health insurance market.

House Public Health

  • Study the prevalence of prescription drug abuse and make recommendations to curb emerging substance abuse trends among children, pregnant women, and adults, as well as to reduce health care costs and mortality.
  • Monitor the transition of the state’s immunization registry to a new system. Determine whether the registry can be better utilized to prevent and/or respond to communicable disease outbreaks, including pertussis.

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