Me & My OBG ‘Doc of the Month’: John Thoppil

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The Me & My OBG doctor of the month is John Thoppil, MD, FACOG of Austin, TX. Dr. Thoppil is a dedicated advocate for Texas women and the doctors that serve them.  He offered his expertise during the 2013 Legislative Session at a hearing of the House Committee on Public Health. He also contributes blog posts to the Me and My OBG Campaign, most recently reminding women to ‘Get the Flu Shot.’ 

Dr. Thoppil Why did you choose Ob/Gyn?  

I grew up wanting to be a physician.  I loved the idea of primary care.  However as I began medical school I got frustrated with the inability to “cure” chronic conditions.  Then I did ob/gyn.  We have an unique specialty that is a combination of surgery and primary care.  I love to be able to truly “cure” something.  Heck even pregnancy ends in 9 months!

Do you have a favorite story?

In my last year in the Air Force I had a patient that grew up close to where I did.   She ended up delivering on May 1st.  The unique part was that was my birthday, her birthday, and of course the baby’s birthday!

Dr. Thoppil practices at River Place Ob/Gyn PA in Austin, TX and is a graduate of the Baylor College of Medicine.

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