In Wake Of Hobby Lobby Ruling, NWLC to Help Women Get Access to Contraception

National Women's Law CenterJuly 3, 2014Articles

Today, the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC) announced the launch of its CoverHer hotline to help women who are having trouble getting access to women’s preventive health services – especially contraception – at no cost to them.   The user-friendly hotline provides personalized instructions on how to navigate the health insurance process to ensure women get the coverage for preventive services they are guaranteed under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and includes critical follow-up to track the results.

“This week’s Supreme Court decision on the Hobby Lobby case dealt a blow to women’s health,” said Judy Waxman, NWLC Vice-President for Health and Reproductive Rights.  “Some bosses have been given the right to put their religious beliefs ahead of the health needs of the women who work for them.  Our CoverHer hotline will play a crucial role helping women navigate the health insurance system to get the care they need and to which they are legally entitled.”

The Center will use the aggregated data it collects from CoverHer to identify systemic problems with implementation of the ACA’s birth control and other preventive health benefits and will use its advocacy and outreach efforts to overcome these obstacles. The CoverHer hotline targets women of reproductive age through online advertising on Facebook and other social media channels.  A CoverHer hotline coordinator will maintain the CoverHer intake database, follow up with individual women, and track and analyze coverage trends.  CoverHer builds off of the Center’s former Pills4Us hotline, which helped hundreds of women obtain the birth control that they needed.

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