‘Doc of the Month’: Carrie Kaufman

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Carrie Kaufman was looking for a career that would combine her passion for feminism with her passion for science. ‘I’m a very hands-on person. I like fixing things. I was thinking about going to school to be a midwife until I realized how much I enjoy surgery. I decided on traditional medical school and the OB-GYN path and made a commitment to myself to include both science and feminism in my practice.’

Dr. KaufmanDr. Kaufman cherishes the fact that, as an OB-GYN, every day is different. ‘I love delivering babies and getting to know families over 9 months, spending the day in the operating room, answering tough questions about weight loss, menopause, sex, etc. I also feel strongly about enhancing access to healthcare for all women. Knowledge is power, and if I can give someone balanced information so they can make good healthcare decisions then I have done my job. I focus on educating my patients and community outreach, but I am also involved on a state and national level in activism, which includes lobbying for women’s health here in Austin and in Washington DC. I like to feel useful as well as inspired and one thing is for sure: I’m rarely bored!’

Dr. Kaufman’s commitment is to provide the best care to each patient and to empower through information. Her office and exam rooms are a ‘no judgement’ zone.

Carrie Kaufman practices at Austin Regional Clinic, Cedar Park Medical Plaza. She is a Junior Fellow, American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology and a member of the Travis County Medical Society. Follow Dr. Kaufman on Twitter at @drcarriekaufman!

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