‘Doc of the Month’: Jason A. Parker, M.D.

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When asked to identify the most pressing issues facing women’s health in Texas today, Dr. Jason Parker doesn’t hesitate: education and access to health care. He suggests that, as physicians and as a state, we all need to understand the importance of educating women about their own health care. What’s more, that we need to provide women meaningful health care tools that empower them to live healthy lifestyles and this begins with access to care.

Dr. Jason ParkerJason has observed a great deal during his years of OBGyn practice in San Antonio. He chose obstetrics and gynecology because it allows him to provide all-encompassing healthcare to women of varying ages while providing continuity of care throughout a woman’s life. “I am honored and humbled to be part of a specialty that takes care of such a unique patient population with a variety of healthcare needs and concerns,” he said.

When both you and your spouse are OB/GYN physicians, like Jason and his wife, you remember many unique “day in the life of an OB/GYN” stories. “It seems that almost everyday something happens to us that is related to what we do as OB/GYN physicians that just wouldn’t happen to anyone else. One of my favorite stories involves walking around at the mall with my wife and our kids. We had this feeling that we were being followed by this lady walking next to us for a while. She kept staring at us, she would pause where we paused as if she were stalking us. Finally she began to approach us and say, ‘Dr. Parkers, do you remember me? You delivered my twins together during residency.’ That was a pretty special experience to see the impact we as OB/GYN physicians had on this patient and as parents it was special for our children to see the impact we have on patients’ lives.”

Dr. Jason A. Parker, F.A.C.O.G lives in San Antonio. He currently serves as the District XI Junior Fellow past chair as well as the District XI medical student advisor. 

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