Elections Over, Bill Filing Begins

Dr. Moss Hampton, Me & My OBGNovember 12, 2014Articles

On November 4th, the Texas electorate spoke and the next group of Texas legislators was chosen. Some of our Womens Health Champions will be returning to the state House and Senate, while many new members will be ushered in. 

  • Texas has a new governor for the first time in 14 years.
  • Texas Republicans swept all 15 statewide elections.
  • Texas continues to have low voter turnout at 33%.
  • Two Texas House races ended in upset losses for incumbent Democrats, Mary Ann Perez (HD 144-Houston) and Philip Cortez (HD 117-San Antonio).
  • The Texas Senate will have 8 freshman Senators.
  • The Texas House will have at least 24 new members.
  • The Texas Senate will have 20 Republican Senators, a Republican Lt. Governor, and 11 Democratic Senators.
  • Republicans picked up 3 seats in the Texas House, for a total of 98 Republicans and 52 Democrats. Two seats shy of a Republican super majority.

Though only elected a week ago, all new legislators, along with their veteran counterparts, were permitted to begin filing bills Monday. Thus far, almost 400 pieces of legislation have been submitted.

The next Texas Legislative Session begins January 13, 2015. That’s only nine weeks away. We have a lot to do before state lawmakers are sworn in. We always have our work cut out for us during a legislative session, but with so many new members, our load has grown. That’s where YOU come in. Texas women and the doctors that care for them need your help now more than ever.


We need people from across the state who want to protect the doctor/patient relationship, scientific-based health care practice, and increased health care access, to take action. We need Texas women and the men who support them to help us defend against harmful health care proposals and help us promote helpful health care legislation.

Thank you in advance for taking action today.

Moss Hampton, MD
ACOG-District XI Chair

Keep Politicians out of the exam room

The relationship between you and your OBG is threatened.
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