SA Teen Births Decline

Healthy Futures of TexasDecember 9, 2014Articles

On December 3, San Antonio Metro Health released its 2013 Teen Pregnancy Report and Fact Sheet for Bexar County. There were 2,558 births to females ages 15 to 19 – a decline of nearly 700 births since 2010. The 2013 teen birth ratedropped to 40.1 per 1,000 – a 42 percent decline since 2000.

Repeat teen births accounted for 20% of all teen births in 2013 – a two percent decline from 2010.

Despite the declines, the estimated 2013 tax cost of teen childbearing is still high at $58 million.

“The prevention efforts of the San Antonio Teen Pregnancy Prevention Collaborative and others are making a big difference in our community, but we still have much more to do,” said Dr. Thomas Schlenker, Director of Metro Health.

Healthy Futures of Texas is proud to be a member of the San Antonio Teen Pregnancy Prevention Collaborative and working to build a healthier San Antonio. Our work in classrooms and agencies to prevent teen and unplanned pregnancy helps to ensure that ALL our young people can achieve their full potential – and postpone pregnancy until they are ready to be parents.

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