The Text4baby Prenatal Care Challenge is On!

Department of State Health ServicesJanuary 27, 2015Articles

On January 26, 2015 the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) launched the Text4baby Prenatal Care Challenge. The Challenge is an effort by DSHS to promote early entry into prenatal care in 35 Texas counties with the lowest prenatal care rates.

text for babyThe contest will run from January 26th to June 30th, and DSHS will track which counties yield the highest number of moms enrolled in the Text4baby service. In early June, individuals from organizations in the top ranking counties will be eligible to receive scholarships to the much anticipated Healthy Texas Babies – A Life Course Conference, which is scheduled to take place in Houston, TX on June 22nd thru the 24th.

To be considered a participating organization in the Challenge and have enrollment in your community counted towards your efforts, you must sign up as a Text4baby Outreach Partner. As an Outreach Partner you will automatically be considered a participant in the Challenge if you serve one of the identified communities – text4baby provides DSHS with an updated list of official outreach partners which DSHS will use to monitor enrollment in the selected counties. DSHS will track the text4baby enrollment in these counties by zip code, type of user, language preference and prenatal or post-partum messages. Longitudinally DSHS will track prenatal care access rates to determine the impact of the enrollment challenge on prenatal care access rates.

The counties listed below are eligible to participate in the Challenge.




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