A Dose of the Texas Legislature: Health & the House of Representatives

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When Texas state representatives propose legislation that relates to women’s healthcare, their bills most often are referred to the House Committee on Public Health House Committee on Public Health. The Committee is chaired by Representative Myra Crownover (Republican, Denton). Representative Elliott Naishtat (Democrat, Austin) is the Committee’s vice-chair.

Texas LegislatureThe Public Health Committee includes two physicians, family physician Dr. J.D. Sheffield, D.O. and anesthesiologist Dr. John Zerwas. The full membership of the Committee is as follows:

Myra Crownover (Republican, Denton)

Elliott Naishtat (Democrat, Austin)


The Public Health Committee typically meets on Tuesdays at 8:00 AM in the Capitol Extension, Room E2.012. The Texas House of Representatives posts online the Committee schedule and bills referred to the Committee to date.

While most health bills are sent to the Public Health Committee, proposed legislation that relates to Medicaid and the Women’s Health Program if often sent to the House Committee on Human Services for consideration. Representative Richard Raymond (Democrat – Laredo) chairs the Committee. Its members include one physician and two nurses.

A Dose of the Texas Legislature is an ongoing series to inform Texas women – and the doctors who care for them – about the effect state lawmakers have on women’s health and what actions women and doctors can take to advocate for high-quality health care delivery for women across Texas.

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