EmpowerHER Friday: How to be the Healthiest Version of Yourself

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Our old patterns, beliefs and thinking can keep us stuck in rut where we are constantly playing the blame game. Whether it’s the situation, our genetics, our environment or whatever, rather than looking deeper…how we are thinking. Our thoughts are powerful. We can choose to be the healthiest and happiest version of ourselves by taking some simple steps. 

EmpowHER Friday!Choose to Be Happy

Choose to fill your day with happy thoughts. Stop worrying, stop stressing, stop unpleasant thinking…just stop. Life is just too short.

Let Go!

What’s bothering you? Do you want it to keep affecting you? You can choose to let it go and move on to more positive thinking. You have to allow yourself to let go.

Take Control

Look at the thoughts that you are thinking throughout the day. Are they the thoughts that make you happy and motivated? If not, change them. Take control of your life by first taking control of your thoughts. YOU are in control, don’t forget that.

Be Your Own Best Critic

How do you want to be perceived? Strong, confident, loyal, lovable? You need to first see yourself in those ways. Words are powerful, including the words you say to yourself. Tell yourself what you like, recognize your positive characteristics and applaud them.

Change Your Environment, Change Your Life

Surround yourself with people who make you feel happy or inspire you to be healthier. We’ve all heard it… you become your surroundings. Change your environment, change your life. Well it’s really that simple.

Pay Attention to YOUR Body

Your body reacts to the first bite of any food you put in your mouth. You may decide you like it, or you may immediately notice that it’s too salty. More significant reactions often don’t show up until later. For example, you may feel bloated or feel full faster than normal. You might also have swelling in your hands or get indigestion. All those symptoms can be tied to what you eat. So if you notice that you are reacting to something, pay more attention to what you are putting into your body. That will help you figure out what doesn’t agree with you so you can decide what you need to leave out of your diet to help yourself feel healthier.

Take Some “ME” Time

When is the last time you gave yourself a time out? Give yourself permission to take a half hour break.

Stop the Excuses

Decide how YOU can become healthier right now. Stop making excuses for yourself. What would make you feel healthier? Don’t think about yesterday or what you should have done or at some point need to do. Think about what could make you feel healthier in this moment.

It’s up to you to decide what you want to do with your time. Meditate, do yoga, soak in a hot tub surrounded by candles… the list of guilty pleasures is endless. So take away the guilt and give yourself permission to enjoy the peace of a half hour all to yourself. It’s an important way to be kind to yourself.

Say No

Don’t overextend yourself or make promises you can’t keep. That’s a bad cycle to start. If you are tired, don’t go to that dinner. Go home and take care of yourself. If you can’t be there for someone or make it somewhere, don’t say you will. Saying no is a whole lot better than saying yes and not following through.

Get Moving

If you are not a gym person or feel intimidated by working out around people, that’s ok. Turn on your favorite music and move! Go outside and walk around your neighborhood. If you’re watching tv, get up during the commercials. Exercise doesn’t have to mean being in a gym, just get moving. Incorporate movement into your day and you will feel better.

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