Doc of the Month: Marian “Dani” Steininger

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Long term patient relationships, surgical procedures, preventative medicine, and of course women’s health issues. “The specialty of Ob/Gyn has it all,” says Dr. Dani Steininger, our Doctor of the Month.

Dr. Steininger works closely with Gynecologic Oncology Specialists at Texas Presbyterian Dallas, where too often she has witnessed the consequences of lack of access to preventative health care services such as annual well woman visits, pap smears, STD screening and birth control. “It continues to startle me how many women do not have consistent access to preventative services such as paps and don’t seek care until something is wrong. Sometimes, they already have high grade pre-cancer or cancer by that time and it pains me because it could have been found and treated earlier,” Steininger said.

Dr. Steininger is currently working on a lecture series for Ob/Gyn residents to learn more about current issues in Women’s Health and Public Policy both nationally and in Texas. 

“I feel it’s very important to teach Women’s Healthcare Advocacy as part of an Ob/Gyn’s medical training because we are the natural advocates for our patients. I would like to empower our residents with the tools they need to keep advocating for women as they continue on into their careers.” 

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 10.55.49 AMDr. Dani  Steininger is Pelvic Surgery Fellow at Texas Presbyterian in Dallas. She attended University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas and performed her residency at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center/Parkland Hospital in Dallas.

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