Who We Are

Texas ACOG is a professional organization of OB-GYNs in Texas. OB-GYNs are charged with providing women with the very best medical care and advice — this is what we are trained to do and this is our passion. As OB-GYNs, we have a very close relationship with our patients. We are involved in the most intimate details of their lives, whether it’s the first ultrasound during a pregnancy, the delivery of a healthy baby, or in difficult situations such as the diagnosis of a sexually transmitted disease. For this reason, we have a special trust — and a special obligation to uphold that trust by providing accurate information and sound advice.

Why We’re Doing This

Me and My OBG was formed because our doctors have seen what we deem is an erosion in the importance and value of women and in their relationship with their doctors. This is evidenced in part, by the reduction in access to essential primary care services for women and the increasing regulation and legislation about how care of a woman must occur. By May of 2012, there were 955 pieces of legislation that had been proposed across the country that interfered with the doctor/patient relationship. And right here in Texas, we fought a losing battle as funding for women’s health programs were drastically cut last legislative session.

Me and My OBG exists because, in short, our members believe the autonomy of the doctor-patient relationship is being undermined by continued regulation and legislation about what occurs in the exam room and we cannot sit idly by without making our voices heard.

Our goal is to provide women with an opportunity to learn about issues that are affecting women’s health care in a nonpartisan fashion. We’re democrats, republicans and independents who all share a passion for women’s healthcare. One area where we all agree is that we want to work with the women we serve to safeguard the trust and integrity essential to the doctor-patient relationship.

Keep Politicians out of the exam room

The relationship between you and your OBG is threatened.
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