You count on your doctor for honest communication. You depend on your doctor to keep their personal feelings or political agendas from coming between you and the information you need to make your own decisions. There is a mounting effort for outsiders to control what happens in the privacy of your exam room. Read more to find out what you can do:

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Everyone can sign the Protect Texas Women petition and call upon the Texas Legislature to protect the OBG/Patient relationship. Read more »

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During the legislative session in Austin, we’ll keep you posted about bills that affect your relationship with your doctor and what you can do to help. When the Texas legislature goes back home, we’ll keep you updated on national issues of interest. Read more »

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Share this information with your friends. For a legislator, there is no viewpoint more important than the viewpoint of their constituent. Surveys show that legislators do pay attention to the opinions of their voters, so let your legislators know how you feel. Read more »

Keep Politicians out of the exam room

The relationship between you and your OBG is threatened.
Help protect Texas women:

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