Contraception: Myth vs. Reality

Myth: Texas cannot afford to provide contraception.
Reality: Taxpayers save money by providing contraception for low-income women.
Myth: Contraception is cheap and easy to get.
Reality: Cost is a barrier, especially for the most effective methods.
Myth: Contraception does  not work.
Reality: Modern contraceptives are effective.
Myth: Contraception encourages bad behavior.
Reality: Contraception helps women take personal responsibility for their family’s future.
Myth: Contraception is controversial.
Reality: Overwhelming majorities find birth control morally acceptable.
Myth: Private charities can provide the needed preventive care and birth control.
Reality: The need far outstrips availability.
Myth: Contraception is the same as abortion.
Reality: Use of effective contraception reduces abortion.

Source: Texas Women’s Health Care Coalition

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