Proposed Legislation That Relates to Women’s Health

HB 59  by Burnam, Lon (D)
Relating to participation by political subdivisions in federal healthcare programs.

HB 170  by Alonzo, Roberto (D)
Relating to the coverage by certain health benefit plans of mammograms performed by certain health care providers.

HB 257  by Gonzalez, Naomi (D)
Relating to the creation of the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center at El Paso as a component institution of the Texas Tech University System.
Companion bill: SB 120 by Rodriguez, Jose (D)

HB 309  by Fletcher, Allen (R)
Relating to prohibiting abortion when based on the sex of the unborn child; creating an offense.

HB 392  by Thompson, Senfronia (D)
Relating to newborn screening for congenital heart defects.

HB 446  by Dukes, Dawnna (D)
Relating to information about fetal alcohol syndrome to be provided to pregnant patients.

SB 97  by Patrick, Dan (R)
Relating to distributing or prescribing abortion-inducing drugs.

SB 127  by Nelson, Jane (R)
Relating to the creation of certain funding formulas and policies and to certain public health evaluations by the Department of State Health Services.

SB 143  by Nelson, Jane (R)
Relating to programs designed to enhance medical education in this state.

SB 166  by Deuell, Bob (R)
Relating to the use by certain health care providers of electronically readable information from a driver’s license or personal identification certificate.
Companion bill: HB 395 by Larson, Lyle

SJR 8  by Ellis, Rodney (D)
Proposing a constitutional amendment requiring the state to expand eligibility for the Medicaid program to certain persons.

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